The Program for Total Hunt Preparation

The Power Hunter Program will give you the edge you have been looking for when it is time to hit the hills. You will be physically and mentally prepared for what the wilderness has to offer.

"DO THE WORK" now so that when the opportunity of a lifetime presents itself, you have the ability, the intent and the means to get the job done. 

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Meet your personal trainers.

Greg and Denise McHale are former professional adventure racers. For over two decades, this power couple has competed in non-stop endurance events up to eight days in length. Greg brings a history of hard hunting in Canada's Yukon, and Denise is a professional  fitness and nutrition coach. Together, these two will educate, entertain and inspire you to be your best in life and in pursuit of your hunting dreams.

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We've Built a Program That Covers All the Bases.

We are not interested in leaving you hanging, wondering what is next after this course. We provide you with all the tools to help you meet your goals in life and hunting. The physical, nutritional, and mental requirements needed to dominate are all under one roof. Where other programs may have stopped short in providing all the essential requirements for total domination, this program hands it all to you. Now it's time to "DO THE WORK." 

28-Day Training Program

We've filmed exercise video's for you to follow along with us. Hit play and start to sweat! The program also includes recommended cardiovascular training for you to add to your regime.

Mental Strength

We'll coach you through the workouts with mental strength tips, as well as through additional, stand-alone content to help you harden and strengthen your mind.

Meal Plan

We've built a comprehensive meal plan that will improve your health and take the guesswork out of eating. For 28 days, we will help you eat well with almost no effort.

Denise and I will walk you through the program.

Watch this video to learn more about what is in store for you with the Power Hunter Program.


Don't Get Left Behind.

We all hate being the slowest member of a hunting team or being the one complaining that your legs are tired. Join today and do what it takes to be tougher than your former self. Your hunting partners won't hesitate to invite you out on the hardest—and most rewarding—hunt of the season when they know they can count on you to get the job done.  

Feed the Machine.

The best workout regime can’t overcome a poor diet. Join us in improving your diet with healthy, delicious and simple meal planning. 6-pack abs are not built in the gym; they are built in the kitchen.  



Take Control.

This is your chance to take control of your health, your fitness, and your life.
Don't miss out!


The best time to plant a tree, was 20 years ago, the second best time to plant a tree is right now.  

Let's Go!

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Strengthen Your Mind.

Gear is essential, but the mental game is a piece you can't buy - you must earn it. I'll walk you through the mental tools that I've developed that have brought me success in hunting, sport, and life.

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The Mental Game

Denise and I have spent untold hours training our bodies for races and some of the toughest hunting out there. Through these thousands of hours, we've made toughness and mental skills part of who we are. Join us in this program, and we'll teach you how to gain control of the mental challenges we all experience, to gain clarity and push through those mental barriers. 


Meal Planning: Feed the Machine and Live Better

We've built a meal plan that includes recipes and a shopping list for the entire 28 days of this program.

28-Day Training Program

We've built the perfect workout program for every athlete, whether fresh-off-the-couch or an experienced mountain athlete. No gym? No problem! This program requires minimal gear and time commitment to complete.

The workouts we have programmed for you are a great kick-start to your new life as a stronger, healthier person and hunter. Each workout runs about 30 minutes and lets you scale the intensity as required, to ensure you are working hard without going over the top. We also recommend optional training for each of the three levels of the program.

Total weekly training ranges from 2 hours for beginners to 4.5+ hours for advanced athletes.

Required equipment:

  • Workout mat
  • A step-up box or chair
  • A set of dumbbells. We recommend 10 -15 lb dumbbells for women and 20 - 25 lb for men.
  • The willingness to work hard, every day.

How Strength, Fitness and Health Help Me in the Mountains

My health and fitness are the cornerstone of my hunting style: hard-charging, sun-up to sun-down.

Stop Looking for the Solution.
You've Found it.

The Power Hunter Program is ready and waiting for you. Now is the time to end the hesitation, fear and laziness that is holding you back. Don't let another season slip through your grasp. Sign up now!

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Frequently Asked Questions

If these FAQs don't answer your questions, email me at [email protected].



Len K.

The power hunter program was a total game-changer for me. It used my passion for mountain hunting to transform how I think about fitness and mental toughness in general. The program challenged me to face the everyday mediocrity that hides behind habitual comfort and pushed me to achieve what I deemed impossible. This program created a platform for excellence, not just to go and do better in the mountains but to do better in life. It’s like Greg says: all you have to do is show up and   DO...THE...WORK

Lisa W.

I joined the Power Hunter Program to invest in my health, both physical and mental, with motivating fitness sessions, goal setting and a delicious, healthy meal plan. 

Power Hunter provided me with individualized coaching, customizable recipes and workout modifications to elevate my wellness and fitness routine at rates comparable to generalized, off-the-shelf products. 

Greg and Denise McHale have put together a professional-quality health and fitness program that can be done anywhere and by anyone, with personalized coaching, challenging workouts and delicious recipes,  using real foods that easily become household favourites. 

I felt well supported during the Power Hunter Program with Greg and Denise leading the workouts, sharing motivational videos and sharing experiences with participants in the Facebook group.

Greg M.

I recently completed the initial Power Hunter 28-day program. I have never spent money on these types of programs in the past because I have always felt that I should be able to provide my own discipline to exercise and eat healthily.

What the Power Hunter program showed me is how simple it can be to follow a basic fitness routine and how it is adaptable to anyone’s fitness levels and goals. I have no goals of being a competitive or high-performance athlete of any kind at this stage of my life, but I do have a goal to stay active, and healthy so that I can be the best Dad, and Husband I can be. I will have times in my life where I may set a higher hunting or adventure goal which may require a higher fitness level, with this program it is so easy to do that……and you do not need to invest in equipment.

As a family we eat relatively healthily, so we did not follow the recipes and meal planning as scheduled. We did pick and choose the recipes we wanted and some of these have become new favourites. The go-go juice is a new staple for me!

To me, this program can be called the POWER YOU. YOU can start at whatever level you want, YOU can increase or decrease your level whenever YOU need to, and YOU can do these at your own pace when it works for YOU. Like everything in life it does take commitment, and effort and the amount of each of those you want to put in will determine your results.



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